Royal Commission into Child Abuse

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Family First Party today called on the Federal Government to set up a Royal Commission into Child Abuse as an urgent priority immediately following the election.

Cherrie Newsham

September 27, 2004

Family First hopes its recent meetings with the Prime Minister over preference deals will influence John Howard to agree to set up the Royal Commission.

Family First's lead Senate Candidate in Queensland, John Lewis, today called for the Royal Commission into Child Abuse, saying the Government's recent pledge to spend $30 million over five years to tackle child porn and abuse did got go far enough.

"The Royal Commission would incorporate everything from how paedophiles use the internet, to the role of police checks on adults with tasks involving children, and the role of organisations, both government and private, who handle children," Mr Lewis declared today.

Family First considers the fight against child abuse as one of its top priorities.

"According to the Australian Childhood Foundation, one child is reported abused or neglected every four minutes. Family First is committed to removing sexual predators and abusers of children off the streets off Australia. Every Australian parent and grandparent would want child abuse stopped in its tracks. A Royal Commission would demonstrate once and for all how serious we are as a nation in applying zero tolerance to child abuse."

"As a parent and grandparent, I want to see tougher legislation and much more proactive laws to halt internet predators," Mr Lewis stated. "Research shows that paedophilia and child abuse offenders repeat, and unless they can be found out and prosecuted, countless more lives will be ruined. Depression, substance abuse and relationship breakdown are almost always associated with the lives of those who have been abused."

Family First today signalled that once one or more of its candidates is elected into Parliament, the party will introduce legislation to establish a Families Commission to promote and protect families, including children.

Family First's Child Abuse legislation in SA has enabled police to charge dozens of people and investigate hundreds of others.

For children and young people, abuse can lead to major emotional, social and psychological problems.

For some it can lead to learning difficulties, drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness, depression, suicide and crime.

John Lewis is Founder and Chairman of a 1200 student college in Brisbane's northern suburbs.

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