Saddam turned martyr

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The noose for Saddam1) They killed a man but reinforced a symbol
2) Dhaka: protest against the killing of Saddam
3) Ethiopia's proxy aggression on Somalia
4) Support the Somali Islamic people's resistance
5) Lebanon: We ALL ... want to live!


1) Saddam turned martyr
A symbol cannot be killed

The press conference by which the imperator expressed his cruel congratulations to the hanging of Saddam Hussein leaves no doubt about the real author of this political homicide. Saddam was in American hands. It was them to arrest him and keep him in custody. Only after being sure that he will be executed they consigned him to their lackeys.

But by killing a man they could not kill a symbol. A symbol of irreducible and uncompromising hostility to imperial arrogance of American neo-colonialism. The emblem Saddam is even more dangerous as he was not only a rebel but a head of a state which demonstrated until the end that he is not ready to bog down before the occupiers. Far away from half-heartedly trying to bargain for his personal survival he never gave in to the hypocrite arguments of the invaders.

They turned Saddam into a martyr of the Iraqi liberation struggle. He will serve as a example for all anti-imperialist fighters for his tenacity and steadfastness.

They hoped to exemplarily punish those who do not lick their boots. They wanted to demonstrate the world that there is no remote corner which escapes their vengeance. What they actually achieved it to increase the hate of the peoples against them.

The world has understood the message. The wretched will know to redeem getting rid of the civilisation of death of which the US has become the most bloody paladin.

Anti-imperialist Camp
December 30, 2006


2) Bangladeshi protest against the killing of Saddam
By the National Liberation Council

On December 30, 4pm, we, National Liberation Council of Bangladesh, organised a protest meeting in the capital city Dhaka against Iraqi President Saddam's killing. This protest meeting was presided by Faiezul Hakim, secretary of the National Liberation Council.

Faiez said "by killing of president Saddam Hussain, US imperialism want to destroy Iraq." He also said "now Saddam is the symbol of anti imperialists". After the protest meeting a protest possession was held. Beside us, many organization also made protest rally.


3) Ethiopia championing a proxy aggression in Somalia

Subject: Ethiopia championing a proxy aggression in Somalia!

The Sierra Leone People's Democratic League (PDL) wishes to make this press release, and to condemn vehemently, Ethiopia's current invasion and aggression of Somalia as dangerous and worrisome, whereby the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Addis Ababa has sets itself above international Law. As much as we support negotiated settlement to Somalia internal crises, we condemn any outside aggression against the Somali people.

As a Pan-African organ and strong defender of the noble goals of the African Unification Front (AUF), we call upon the authorities in Addis Ababa to halt all Ethiopian military activities in Somalia; and we demand for an immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces of aggression out of Somalia. We want the Ethiopian government to understand that Somalia is not a province or region under any foreign entity. And the current invasion and aggression of Somalia, by the Ethiopian army is criminal, outrageous and an attempt to commit atrocities and other heinous crimes against the Somali people.

Full statement of the PDL:


4) Stop the Ethiopian-US aggression on the Somali Islamic Courts
by Lars Akerhaug

The threat of disaster is again looming over Somalia after Ethiopia, supported by the US, has begun pulling in military troops, until recently described as "advisors" in an attempt to topple the government of the Islamic courts. They want to put power in the hands of the Ethiopian and Western-backed (UN recognized) "interim government" controlling only a small percentage of the country. They are backed by the Americans, too busy in Iraq and Afghanistan to themselves military intervene.

Full article:


5) Lebanon: We ALL … want to live!
by Samah Idriss, al-Adab

As the mattocks are being prepared to bury the National Resistance in the districts of Beirut and elsewhere in Lebanon, and as the Sunni poor are incited to stand against the Shi'a poor, signals emerge from the South, and in particular from the town of Naqura, that point to a possible alteration in the aim of the mission of the International Forces as set out by the international resolution 1701 - namely, that of supporting the deployment of the Lebanese Army in the South. Following an article in the French newspaper "Le Monde" of 24/9/2006 in which mention was made of "rules of engagement" that point (albeit in an ambiguous way) to an offensive role for the International Forces, a statement was released on 10/10/2006 in which these Forces spoke of their "right" to "use force for reasons other than self-defense", to establish "temporary barricades" in the South, to act on "special information" in instances when the Lebanese Army is unable to act, and to "use force" against any "hostile activities". These "rights" were not stipulated in Resolution 1701 and, if they become part of UNIFIL practice, they will transform it into a force of deterrence and repression with respect to the Resistance and not a force of protection for Lebanon. The actions of the Spanish forces last month, when they broke into the houses of people in the South in search of weapons and "terrorists", are an ominous signal that reinforces these fears.

Full article:

Anti-imperialist Camp

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Saddam turned martyr
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Saddam a matyr (I DONT THINK SO)

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 19/01/2007 - 10:45.

What a joke! He is just a dead weight at the end of a bloody good rope.




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