Say "NO" to uranium mining - leave it in the ground.

Submitted by Keith Jaffray on Sun, 22/04/2007 - 17:12

Flat earthers, climate change sceptics, coconut heads and mercenary ghouls are singing the praises of expanding the uranium industry. . . . . . It's time for us to wake up and raise our individual and collective conscience.

Certainly there are some beneficial uses of radiation such as for X Rays and anti cancer therapy. However, expanding the uranium industry to cater to a world greedy for electricity is fraught with great danger.

Most people are not aware that "enriched uranium" creams off only 3% of the uranium from uranium ore for power generation. . . . the rest (97%) is radioactive waste and is called "depleted uranium" or "d.u.". This is a misnomer. Depleted uranium has a half life of 4. 5 billion years and any form of life exposed to this waste is facing a catastrophic future.

Human beings develop the most horrific illnesses, tumours, chromosome damage, birth deformities and ultimately death. D.U. happens to be twice the weight of lead and in a novel approach the producers of "enriched uranium"have found a convenient way of disposing of the "waste"(depleted uranium) by giving it to armaments manufacturers!

It is now being used for armour plating in tanks and as a replacement for lead in bullets, missiles and war heads. U.S.A. military forces have been using D.U. weapons extensively in Iraq since the 1st Gulf War. Over 300, 000 U.S.A. service personnel are on permanent disability pensions having developed "Gulf War Syndrome" after being exposed to their own uranium dust on the battlefield.

11,000 of those service personnel have since died from this "syndrome", not to mention the thousands of innocent Iraqis who have been contaminated by this weapon of mass destruction declared illegal by the United Nations.

Take a look at the photographic exhibition "Children of the Gulf War" when it is displayed at a venue near you. Show some sympathy to our own Australian service personnel who have been exposed to this evil poison (see "The Courier Mail" March 28th, 2007).

The Australian Defence Forces purchased and used 43,000 rounds of D.U. ammunition over a period of 10 years in training exercises. How many Australian defence personnel and civilians have been exposed to this radioactive poison?Is this "Agent Orange" all over again? These are serious questions only capable of being answered by a Commonwealth Commission of Inquiry.

Greedy, short sighted armaments manufacturers cannot be trusted to deal with D.U.

Say "NO" to uranium mining - leave it in the ground.

Yours Sincerely,

Keith Jaffray
148 Flanders Road
Byfield, Q 4703.
PH/FAX (07) 4935 1644



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