Scouring MySpace using "child abuse" in the search engine

Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Tue, 24/07/2007 - 10:45

Thismorning I was surfing MySpace, trying to see what I could find on MySpace to do with child abuse or anything like that... Any other MySpace user that fitted with our cause basically.

I stumbled upon a forum post which stated that the UN was given a report at some point showing that 600,000 children in Australia were victims of child abuse.

It took me a couple of reads to get through it. I was really ticked off to begin with, so I couldn't read it properly. When I went back to it, I nearly fell off my chair.

The report begins with some "expert" stating that it was all about "Australia's drinking culture" and sports stars who sell the wrong image to children.

Further through, it moves to smacking a child and this form of discipline. Then went on about gang violence in Latin America and domestic violence in North America.


Of the estimated 600,000 Australian children under 14 who have been subjected to violence, apparently it includes "children being bullied at school, young people being bullied in the work place".

Then the expert goes on to say "which is, you know, domestic violence with parents, or partners".

The post is here...



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