Setting Up A Petition Calling For A Royal Commission Into Docs

Submitted by Webmaster on Mon, 26/03/2007 - 11:26

This forum has been created to start the ball rolling in response to a reply by David to the 'DoCS Protest rally' post by 'davistown'.

David's cry for action is one of many posted on this site and has triggered our response to help coordinate an initiative to deal with the many problems reported with DOCS around the country and overseas.

We believe that a petition may be more effective than waving placards at some protest rally. However, to create an effective petition the people in this forum will need all the help they can get. This page on reproduced hereunder may be a good starting point:

Before you start a petition...

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You first need to decide whether to start a paper petition, an e-petition (electronic or internet petition) or both. This short article addresses how to start an internet e-petition.

Factors to consider before you write a petition and start a petition

You need to take into account a number of issues including accurate research, clear communication and how you will promote your petition.

Accurate research before you write a petition

A petition should begin with a request, followed by well researched reasons for making the request. Each petition should provide a description of relevant circumstances and links to documentation or facts that support that description. A petition should contain information that suggests its request is feasible.

For petitions addressed to government, you may wish to petition at a local, county, state or national level or even internationally (for example, to the UN). has many examples of well written petitions to a variety of state and national governments and parliaments and also to the United Nations (UN).

Clear communication

Don't clutter your petition with information or requests that have no essential connection to the main message. Read over your petition carefully. Make sure it:

  1. describes the situation,
  2. suggests what is needed, and
  3. explains why it is needed.

Be clear and concise with your message.

There are many examples of excellent and well written petitions at So we suggest that you read some of our more popular petitions and use these as templates before you create a petition. For further advice on how to write a petition, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to promote your petition

How you promote your petition will have a critical influence on the outcome of your campaign. A key element of promotion is to link your petition url to as many websites and forums and possible for maximum exposure. You may also wish to contact media organizations. Please refer to our help page or email us at info @ for a free consultation.

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Where is the petition?

Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Wed, 11/07/2007 - 13:02.

Everyone, I'm having a blond moment and I can't locate the link to the actual petition which was begun on this site to add it to the web site I am creating for parents.

Is this web site the actual site of the petition? If so, I already have it.

If it's on another site, can somebody please give me the URL?

DoCS Royal Commission iPetition

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 04/06/2007 - 08:28.

There is nothing left to be said.

Let's get on with the job! People are contacting me daily about a Lobby Group I am currently setting up.

I can re-write the DoCS Legislation - who's competent with the Royal Commission procedure?

Don't waste anymore time. A generation of children are being manipulated to prepare for the ever-increasing budget of the Mental Health System.

Completely sincerely,

here is a link to a petition

Submitted by davistown on Fri, 30/03/2007 - 00:06.

here is a link to a petition i have started. i posted a thread in altnews regarding it but accidently didnt link it to the family section and i dont think i can change that so anyways heres the link to the petition

and the link to the thread i stared in alt news is:

please if you have any suggestions to give my petition a chance of working please offer suggestions in the above altnews thread i mentioned

the petition

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 27/03/2007 - 08:08.

I want to sign the petition, just show me where and how.

Do not rush in like fools where angels fear to tread

Submitted by Webmaster on Tue, 27/03/2007 - 16:15.

I agree, the sooner the better, but the more people participate here to come up with the right wording (for the petition) the better the chances of success.

Governments are loath to call Royal Commissions because it exposes their underbelly. If we give them the chance, they will fiddle with the Terms of Reference of the Royal Commission to keep their hands clean and their slate pearly white.

The repercussions of a Royal Commission into the affairs of DOCS is likely to rip government apart and send many politicians, bureaucrats and social workers to jail for a long time.

This is big. This is very big. We need to get it just right or they will get away with it again...

Promote this forum to all your contacts and network far and wide. This forum and everything people have written in it needs to be exposed to 1000's of people. Then we are likely to attract the skilled people who can help make this petition a success.

To promote the 'DOCS Petition' forum on your web site/page, insert/copy the following HTML code somewhere on the page:

<a href="" target="_blank"> Altnews DOCS Petition Forum </a>

To promote the 'Family Issues' forum:

<a href="" target="_blank"> Altnews Family Issues Forum </a>

Thank you...

Call for a Royal Commission

Submitted by Webmaster on Mon, 26/03/2007 - 12:10.

It appears that in Commonwealth countries like Australia, a Royal Commission would be the vehicle that could really get to the bottom of the reign of terror wielded over a powerless population by the various DOCS.

Nothing else has the power to demand people to give evidence against their employers and government itself. You may remember the recent Royal Commission into the affairs of the Australian Wheat Board (AWB).

It appears to me this petition might therefor best concentrate on calling for such a Royal Commission enquiry into DOCS.

A couple of useful links

Submitted by Webmaster on Mon, 26/03/2007 - 14:57.

These links appear to contain useful information useful for anyone considering to petition the government to call a Royal Commission:



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