Stealing your country! Call for a revolution!

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"It is well enough that people of the nation (ditto Australia) do not understand our Banking and Monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a Revolution before tomorrow morning."
- Henry Ford

Stealing your country.
by Terry Worthing

Have you ever wondered how it is that your country is being taken over by international capitalism? Do you ever wonder about the methodology, the how and the why? Have you even realised that Australia is controlled by International Government, or same thing, that International Capitalism is the power that presently decides world direction?

Do you understand that if you remain unaware of the how and why, you will stand no chance of being able to reverse the situation?

Or do you believe that the non democratic political organisations that have run Australia since Federation really work for the good of the people. Or perhaps you believe that the world just stumbles along and nobody pulls the string. Or perhaps that as stated in your Constitution, your chosen Representative only introduces the laws that you desire into a Parliament that you own and control?

Why is new overseas restrictive legislation immediately introduced into Australia's Parliament? Do you believe that it is all to protect you from your induced fear of pandemics, terrorism and world trade imbalance?

We are told that we are well educated and intelligent and live in a country of world class economic growth with almost limitless commodities.  Yet we can't deal with Australia's terrifying problems of poverty, mental disease, social isolation, suicide, drought, the unavailability of all services, and a lack of much needed infrastructure.

People are afraid of new ideas, most minds are ashamed to show ignorance by asking questions.

It is a fact that slaves are actually scared of being freed. Yet according to the Constitution, the People are the Sovereign Power over Parliament. In other words, the workings of the minds of the people is the reason for all adverse happenings in Australia. Correct education would not allow those attitudes to exist.

We are in fact the deliberately dumbed down product of State controlled education and spin. The way governments control a country and win elections and retain power, is to control the thinking of a majority of the people.

If you accept their spin, you will trust them. If you don't, you will be influenced by the trust of those that do. That's why 84% voted for the major parties at the last federal election.

Do you believe that Australian Electoral Commission claim, have you ever thought about it, and the U.S.A. Presidential results? Very few admit to voting for Howard, which means that there is shame of choice, or the count is crooked, or that people are stupid, or they subconsciously know that politicians lie, or all four.

Most Australians know something's wrong, ask them, and most say "Politicians", and yet the same management teams always retain power. Most would have heard of the stealing of shareholders assets by Board and Management of H.I.H. and Enron, and many other similar organisations.

That is standard practice in today's world of capitalism. Shareholders own companies rather than owners, and Management holds the power, and they are all trained at world wide similar attitude business schools to have a mindset of profit at all costs. The same principle of greed applies in the defence manufacturing industry of the U.S.A., which is now the major profit earner and policy controller. Most product is exported to non-paying recipient countries and the taxpayer foots the bill and a few Capitalists prosper.

Evidence abounds that the future planned for you in the 21st. Century, is the total hand over of your country to International Capitalism by your chosen Government.. The noose has been tightening for thirty years, and can't have much longer to tighten before you have lost everything. And you sit back and let it happen.

Your pride won't allow your mind to accept the reality of this fact. You are a successful product of your government's mind control program. You have been allowed to forget that your major asset is most likely your shareholding in your country, which could be worth $5 million, same as everyone else including your family members.

If you think about it, you know that you own Australia, main reason being because nobody else could. Even those supporters and donors to political parties that have received the concessions to rob Australia of its assets, can't own Australia, because you didn't give your permission for the fraud. The simple method of changing ownership of an asset is with money, by purchase or indebtedness. When loan money is owed, repossession or hand-over can take place.

When you realise and admit that the main aim of government is to remove all money from all people, and the two main methods are unnecessary taxation and loan charges, you may start to glimpse the methodology.

The determinate of your awareness is when and how if ever, you have realised that the cause of all shortages and miseries in Australia, and the World if you like, is a deliberate shortage of money brought about by government policy. You should consider the reasons that a management elite would want to limit the freedom of the people that it is supposed to be servant of, by rationing a cost-less and therefore limitless item that is capable of solving all problems.

Let's discuss the major method of theft, and because of mind control, you are not even aware of it, and what's more, you will reject the logic of the truth. When told that there is no necessity for taxation whatsoever, most say, "but where will the money come from for the roads and hospitals"? Which indicates belief that money comes from taxation, but is really an admission of lack of understanding.

Note that nobody ever says, "what a good idea, how would that work?" They have been convinced that they are too intelligent and well educated to need to even consider an improvement to their presently accepted socio-economic system. Maybe 1/4% claim to agree with no tax but maybe they don't really know and it is very hard to elicit the truth from a person of the kind to claim to know everything.

Understanding might be helped by the fact that the Statistician's Year Book reveals that average taxation paid was 61% of taxable income in year 03/04.

There is little doubt that taxes have increased since then, petrol prices and included charges alone have doubled. Education fees have more than doubled and many public services have become user pays, which reduces income just like extra tax. You should think about how your standard of living would change without the cost of taxation. But you don't, you believe the Treasurer when he claims there is a shortage of funding and that you should give him all of your money. And some people volunteer to pay more in the belief of getting better services.

Would you like to see his claim exposed as lies? If you were to seriously consider new information, you would put yourself in a position able to judge the truth. Without full knowledge, you are at the mercy of those that gain from controlling your money.

One small but important point, just before the last federal election, Malcolm Turnbull said to a campaign meeting, "the only reason for taxation is government legislation." And all cried, "where will the money come from for education and defence?" And the Treasurer and Malcolm still fight on about taxation rates while there remains no enlightenment for the people. So who is the liar, Malcolm or Peter, or is the one that is wrong just a fool, or worse?

There are two prime philosophies that should never be ignored when adjudging politics;

"Nothing in politics happens by accident." Pres. F. D. Roosevelt.

"Everything the State says is a lie." Friedrich Nietzsche.

What you should find strange is that you readily accept that there is always a shortage of money, that your government cannot supply adequate works and services. All because politicians tell you that there is a shortage. That is very dumb. That should tell you something about your attitude to being robbed, your slave mentality.

Life for most people is a constant struggle for enough money, and yet few realise that money is a costless ticketing system. Can you see that you have been reluctant to investigate, can you come to realise that most Australians have been allowed to believe stupid ideas about money and therefore nobody is able to work out what is wrong?

This might be an opportune time to state that this is only an information session and to remind you that a critic is not necessarily your enemy. Most hate learning that they have been stupid and blame the messenger.

The important question for you as a shareholder is, do you have faith in the intent of your board of management? Or put another way, do you really believe that political parties work for the little people? Or who benefits from the rationing of that costless aid to the economy that really is owned by the people? Or are you happy to have your country stolen? Or do you think that foreign money lenders or investors should own Australia?

Or do you think that only Mr Rockefeller or Mr Rothschild has the right to create credit at no cost and limit and control its supply to all people in the world? Or do you believe that the Generals own Burma? Did you agree to the hand over of your wealth, did you give permission to your management team to give it or sell it to foreigners who control the economy, who pay little or no taxes, while you give over most of your income to exist in a country that you own but receive no unpaid benefit from?

Then why would any shareholder vote management rights to organisations that operate under this system?

What do you estimate your shareholding to be worth? What would China or the U.S.A. or Japan pay for Australia? $100-$200 trillion?

Which means a share could be worth $10 million. What benefit do you receive from your shareholding that you don't pay for by taxes? Or who does get the profit return from commodities and asset sales?

Or why are certain unmentionable sections of our community retiring very rich and creating new family dynasties?

So where does money come from, and who owns it, and what does it cost, and why is there always a shortage, but most important of all, why don't you know all these very essential things about the most consuming obsession of most peoples lives?

Do you not find it a strange lack of knowledge of such an important issue?

The Australian Constitution that you recently confirmed at the Republic Referendum gives you the right to choose a Representative for your Electorate who can introduce any legislation that you, as one of the owners of Australia and all its wealth, desire. In other words, you can have any laws that you require if you choose and control a decent Representative. Or you can keep trusting the old firms and their old tricks.

Because you have that right under your Constitution to control law, you can control anything in Australia. That means that you can make any law you want in regard to banking and money creation. But perhaps more powerful interests may not want those laws and they instead of you, influence legislation and more importantly, media.

You know that you once owned your own bank, the peoples bank, the Commonwealth Bank.

You may know that it created credit for the Nullarbor Rail at 5/8% interest, and then forgave the debt to the people that owned the bank and the money.

Do you understand the principle of forgiven debt?

Do you realise that created money ceases to exist upon repayment?

Do you remember your 1937 Royal Commission into banking that found no necessity of repaying loans of your own money to your own bank?

Section 83 allows your Parliament to appropriate any money that the owners need to operate the country. "No money shall be drawn from the Treasury of the Commonwealth except under appropriation made by law."

Can you start to see from this, the real cost of money creation? Do you remember being told that money has no cost? Or do you think government needs a more beneficial money supply law to solve problems?

Fraser stopped Whitlam from getting budget appropriation to run the country, would not pass a Money Bill, so Gough was sacked, but while Gough was at lunch, the unaware Labor Senate team allowed the appropriation which allowed Malcolm to caretake. That's where money starts from, not from tax.

The Peoples Parliament under Your Constitution, has the power to appropriate money for the benefit of the people.

Question: what would have been the next move if Labor Senators had refused supply?

Next, where does the money, the actual currency, come from? Under your legislation, money is issued by licensed banks, but remember, you can own the bank.

When One Nation advocated a peoples bank, that's why Pauline was branded racist.

That's the power of propaganda. That's voter control. At the start of Federation, money had real value, gold, copper and silver coins, while bank notes were a promissory note of an individual bank, often printed with a promise of redemption in gold on demand. Theoretically the issuing bank had a reserve of gold bullion in its vaults to redeem an otherwise cost-less piece of paper.

Nowadays it has been realised that trust in the currency is the only factor needed for money to be able to work, as is the case with native shell money on islands or private promissory notes. Notes that used to carry a guarantee of gold value, now state that they are Australian legal tender. That means that money is backed by the law of the people, and that the people should be the owners of the real wealth of Australia.

Or would a bank or lending authority assurance of sufficient gold backing be more to your liking? Banks have the power that your political representatives gave them to create credit at no cost from nowhere. Money has no intrinsic cost. Loans of your own money from your own bank need not be necessarily repaid if you legislate so. Money that comes into circulation from nowhere, goes back there when repaid.

To return to the gold standard would return control of money to only the rich. There is nowhere near enough gold in the world to back the amount of money and credit in circulation today. The quantity of money under the present system, needs to continuously increase, because wages naturally cannot match the selling price of the product. Extra money must then be borrowed at charges, and this is part of a deliberate inflation as well as rationing policy.

Your Parliament can appropriate any moneys needed at no cost, and the people own and control the Parliament, or could if they had the intelligence. You have the power to instruct your Parliament to institute your own bank. The problem is that this information along with most intelligence has been stolen by State control of education. You will be told that people printing money causes inflation, while banks flooding the economy with credit has no effect. And most will believe this, because the media says so.

The question that you need an honest answer to is, Why does your parliament convert a costless Parliamentary appropriation of budget money, a Money Bill, into a commercial debt to be repaid by you as taxation, and then to be destroyed or removed from circulation by the lender?

You will be given an unintelligible economics answer, with no mention of false debt.

The people are kept under control by the rationing of costless money by the forces that control the world and the planned outcome is ever increasing irredeemable debt. To pay off that false debt, it is intended to repossess your country, or in other words, everything.

According to the annual reports of only the four major banks, every single person in Australia paid an average of $1000 bank fees in 03/04. Also revealed are that the total charges of the four banks make up another 35% of average taxable income. That with tax at 61% makes a total of 96% of income going to pay govt. and banks. And the ATO gives the tax money to the bank, and the bank destroys the money. And the Treasurer tells you that there is a shortage of funding. And you believe him.

Please consider, that when you purchase from a taxpayer vendor, you pay the profit, plus you pay extra 1900% above the profit involved towards the vendor's tax and credit overheads. All business overheads are built into the price you pay. Even if you consider yourself to not be a taxpayer, you still pay those taxation, credit and all vendors costs.

So you don't only pay your income tax, the money that you spend pays the income tax of everybody that you deal with. Pensioners can't figure out why funerals are so expensive. From these figures it is easy to understand why Australian internal bank loans increase at 13% plus. Please believe that under the present system, we do not have the ability to reduce that debt, and Australia must eventually bankrupt.

Zero taxation is the most important subject, probably the key to the people winning back power. I cannot find any small parties or independents that can see the potential for success of a united policy attack using this issue as the way to change. I see it as an issue that would rate up there with the Pauline Factor, the broad issue of a fair go that created political history and which tactic should not be forgotten or ignored as the big difference that is needed to bring about the massive vote swing needed to overcome the strange vote count outcomes.

Getting voters to accept that they own the country, the law and the money is the same problem as convincing any human mind of a fixated belief to even consider any alternative.

It is exactly the same problem as changing the suicide bomber's belief of forever virgins and life after. Aussies have the same fixated belief in tax. Voters have been convinced by spin that govt. is master and foreign banks are the owners of Australian money.

Propaganda is the weapon used to instil misbelief, it is constant repetition of misinformation, it is the reason that you are given news grabs of politicians, many times each day, for weeks, about one point. It is the reason that you cannot recognise the planned theft of your country as one of the largest scams ever. There are only a few points that when thought about seriously, make it clear that we are being deliberately robbed of our heritage.

Who owns Australia? Who owns the wealth of Australia? Who has the Sovereign power over Parliament under the Constitution? Who has the right to create their own laws? Who has the right to own their own bank and create their own free money?

Should the non democratic political organisations that have controlled Australia since Federation be allowed to continue their planned direction?

Are you happy to sit back and watch your country being stolen? Most importantly, do you think this information should be passed around?

Terry Worthing.
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