Stop police brutality against Aboriginal people! Justice for Mulrunji!

Palm Island demonstrators in Brisbane. Photo Annette Dew courtesy Courier Mail*Stop Black deaths in custody!*

*Stop police brutality against Aboriginal people! Justice for Mulrunji!*

Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions, Leanne Clare, has failed to lay /any/ charges against the police officer responsible for the death of Palm Island man Mulrinji on November 19, 2004.

Less than 2 months earlier, the Qld Deputy Coroner, Christine Clements, found that Mulrinji was beaten by Senior Seargent Chris Hurley, such that he sustained 4 broken ribs and his liver was sliced almost in two.

Join this demonstration to demand justice for Mulrinji, the suspension of DPP Leanne Clare and the laying of the highest-level criminal charges against Chris Hurley.

*2.30pm**, Wed 20 December.*

Gather:* **Martin Place** *(near Macquarie St, march to Parliament).* *

*Ph 0403 513 756, 0415 858 264, 9690 1977*

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Letter from Lloyd Wyles and CCHR

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Hi everyone,
As a result of the recent announcement from DPP Leanne Clare regarding the
death in custody of Mulrinji Doomadgee the Citizens Committee on Human
Rights have, in conjunction with and at Lloyd Wyles request, compiled a
letter that is currently being mailed out to all relevant organisations.
I thought you would be interested in reading it.
CCHR National Office

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you concerning a subject that is greatly affecting the
Indigenous community within Australia - Racism.
Racism's effects have been poverty, ruined youth, turmoil and even genocide.
The source of this may not be obvious to the observer. Our extensive
research has shown that psychiatry and its racist, eugenic studies have
helped spawn racism and caused education and other cultural advantages to be
denied to black communities.
Mr. Lloyd Wyles, the Executive Director of The National Indigenous Human
Rights Congress of Australia, CCHR Commissioner and radio announcer at 4K1G
wanted you to inform you that:
"Given the current political and social climate in Australia, and in
particular North Queensland, regarding human rights and social justice
issues, time for change has been well overdue. Current and successive State
and Federal governments have treated Indigenous Affairs with contempt and
total disregard for the protection and well being of an age old culture and
distinct race of peoples, namely Aboriginal Australia. Racism has been so
deeply ingrained within Australia through the "White Australia Policy", a
racist policy within the Australian constitution of 1901 during the
Federation of this country.
Psychiatry has played a pivotal role in the birth of racism in Australia and
on a global perspective through its "Eugenics" (Greek for: good stock)
practices. Social justice and Human Rights issues continue to pervade
indigenous Australians via "Eugenics" and these racist policies with its
threads are institutionally imbedded and, in turn, cemented throughout
community life.
The case of the death in custody of Palm Island man Mulrinji Doomadgee,
given the damning medical evidence from the QLD acting State Coroner
Christine Clemons, and the recent announcement and blatant denial of justice
from the QLD (DDP) Director of Public Prosecutions, Leanne Clare, SC,
certainly shows that we must start looking from outside the square and begin
dealing with the root cause ("Eugenics"/Psychiatry) of Racism rather than
the symptoms or product of ("Racism")."
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is exposing Psychiatry and
"Eugenics" and the damning effects that it is having on Aboriginal Australia
and a global society."
It is both culturally and financially acceptable for psychiatrists to
stigmatise with the label "mentally ill" those minority groups who are
protesting racial oppression, educational discrimination and economic
favouritism. Their cry is not a "mental illness," but rather the result of a
sane and fundamental impulse to survive, and a valid protest against
Please find enclosed the booklet Creating Racism: Psychiatry's Betrayal,
which is distributed worldwide by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.
This booklet was written because wherever one looks today, every facet of
modern life appears to be in some degree of deterioration; and so-called
ethnic cultures are subject to some of the more pronounced assaults,
especially in the form of Racism.
P.S. A copy of the Creating Racism Psychiatry's Betrayal entire book can be
viewed using this link
If anyone would like a copy of the booklet version please let me know via
email and I can post one out to you.

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