Swapping Asylum Seekers!

Submitted by Selwyn Johnston on Sun, 22/04/2007 - 16:37

The Government's latest strategy of swapping Sri Lankan asylum seekers for Cuban and Haitian refugees in the US is simply bizarre and demonstrates just how much John Howard has lost touch with the electorate.  People smugglers will be telling their clients that the glittering prize of a life in the US is now available - they just have to be apprehended in Australian waters.

On this basis a resurgence of fleets of boat-people could well occur. Long suffering mainstream Australians have never been consulted by any governments on immigration and refugee matters and this latest debacle rubs their noses in the dirt yet again.

Australians just don't trust their politicians, and bureaucrats, and earnest promises of strict screening and medical checks falls on deaf ears.

If our government really stood for the majority it would cut us adrift from the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees and would set its own standards tailored for Australia's national interest.  Australians would be freed from the dictates of an organisation largely controlled by people who hate the West.



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