Taking sides between victims and executioners

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September 28 is a terrible date for the Palestinians. A date that marks the beginning of "uprising", Intifada, unshackled now four years ago, by the provocative inroad of Likud leader Ariel Sharon, in one of the most holy places of the Muslims: the mosque Haram al Sharif.

anthony leeQueensland

27 September 2004

Silvia Cattori

Translated from French by F. Dysktra

from Israel Shamir

But what rising are we talking about ? During the years in which the Israeli governments, of the right as well as from the left, behaved as if the demands of humanity did not exist, we have assisted, sorrowful and powerless, in the crushing of the Palestinians.

The well informed people, the States, the media, know quite well that the illegal occupier, well equipped with the most sophisticated and terrible arms, has violated all the articles of the IV Geneva Convention, articles that protect the civilians in occupied territories. When the accounts are squared up, nobody can pretend, as the German citizens of yesterday: "We did not know".

In this unequal battle, the first attention of citizens who have familial or affective ties with Israel, must be on the illegal actions and the atrocities perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian civilians.

In other words, the Jewish organisations, the Jewish citizens, the media, bear a considerable responsibility to the sufferance inflicted by both sides. In fact, not condemning Israel again opens the door for more repression against innocents, and even discredits Jews in the eyes of all the peoples, who, in this unequal conflict, know what’s going on.

Witnessing the proliferation of outrages against young children compels us to react, to demand of all the Jewish organisations to exert all their influence to stop the abuses perpetrated by Israel against the civilian population. We will never stop repeating it. Persecution of children already caught in the occupation, threatening their security, is an unforgivable sin.

"If the men and women committed to Israel would discover what we have discovered. That the holy land has become a lawless jungle, that the Zionist movement has systematically and intentionally fooled the world, that the establishment of the Jewish State in Palestine was accompanied by dark episodes, episodes that made it into a criminal State, then they could no longer accept the ‘official’ version of the facts spread by the Zionists financed by the World Jewish Congress, very active in France and the USA. The criticism of Zionism becomes more radical as the people discover the extent of the tragedy". After this statement Elias Davidsson goes on: "The Palestinians have resisted for a century already. Yet they have not become cynical. Generation after generation extends their hands for reconciliation. Let us do the same. Let us understand that Jews also are victims, of their own phantasms and anxieties. In a certain way Jews are more pitiable; we must help them to leave their mental ghetto. But this will not be easy for the victims or the witnesses who often face arrogant individuals with murderous weapons..." (1)

The Palestinians suffer horribly.  And this only can get worse as long as the people of the Jewish religion and culture remain silent. It would honour them if they demanded from the State of Israel that it accepts international law and UN resolutions as well as the cessation of sufferance inflicted upon children.

What the children of for instance Balata endure shows the case of Mohammed Aboddra, 16 years old, torn from the heart of his mother, by Israeli forces, is unacceptable. Even without talking about the feelings of uprooting, worry and abandonment that all Palestinian mothers that are deprived of their children know. What is more precious for any mother than to know that her child is safe and to be able to hug it when it is in trouble ?

Since he has been brought to the Majeddo prison, Leila is desperate about the thought that her son Mohammed, loving and brought up well, will be maltreated and be imprisoned for months and years, while there is no charge at all against him. Since his imprisonment Leila just saw him once. When she describes the emotional moment her voice falters: "As soon as he saw me from a distance his face became calm, then he burst in tears.  He wore the same clothes as on the day he was taken away. He wanted to kiss me. They did not allow him to get near. Shortly after his arrival at Majeddo we heard that a prisoner of 30 died because of lack of care. The climate there is very harsh. It’s very hot during the day, very cold at night. A prisoner informed us that there are 120 detainees imprisoned in tents destined for 50 people. 180 detainees are minors, 70 detainees need medical attention, the food in insufficient, often tainted. They always get the same food and every tent gets 50 meals, less than half ration for each prisoner. The few detainees that are allowed have visits must stay 15 metres away from the visitors. Every day they invent new ways of torture, beginning with beatings, then sleep deprivation until they no longer know who they are and in the end accuse themselves of acts they never have done…".

The plight of this mother is not different from the great majority of the Palestinian mothers.

To remain neutral, continuing to be silent, in a situation so desperately imbalanced as the Palestinians are in, is an immoral position.

The Jewish organisations should do anything to force Israel – that caused the conflict – to recognise the inhuman treatment inflicted on the Palestinians since 1948, and to provide them reparation.

The non Jewish victims of the Israeli occupation cannot be less important than the Jewish victims of yesterday, of whom the world still honours, even now, the memory.

(1) Elias Davidsson was born in Palestine in 1941. His parents were Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. He grew up in Jerusalem where his family lived side by side with Jewish, Christian and Muslim families in good harmony. After the establishment of the State of Israel his family left the country and Elias settled in Island. He lives at Reykjavik, where he divides his time between composing music, his efforts for a just peace in Palestine and research in the area of economic and social rights and international criminal law. While he since he was young he rejected Zionism "because of its symbiosis with anti-semitism", he just in 1986 began to grasp the Palestinian tragedy after reading the writings the Israeli Uri Davis. This discovery made him study systematically the nature and the history of Zionism and the conflict in Palestine. In 1988 he established, with Islander friends, the Palestinian/Islander association. He is member of the Association for a SingleState in Palestine/Israel. His writings can be read on his website: www.juscogens.org and on many other sites (see Goggle "Elias Davidsson"). 

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Entre victimes et bourreaux il est temps de choisir son camp

Silvia Cattori

27 septembre 2004

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