Submitted by Webmaster on Sun, 15/07/2007 - 09:15

testing error reported by convince on sunday morning 15 july 2007 at 09:00 or there abouts

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Convince error

Submitted by Webmaster on Sun, 15/07/2007 - 11:12.

It appears that the Akismet module error you have encountered is encountered by those who would post spam on this site. I found three posts from you, one blog post and two comments, in the Akismet spam moderation queue.

The messages have been submitted as 'ham' and have been published.

Thank you

Submitted by convince on Mon, 16/07/2007 - 04:27.

Dear Webmaster

The multiple postings were not deliberate.

I have encountered irregular hassles in posting to either my blog, or in replying to the Fulford topics posted recently by Arthur Cristian. This has occurred either attempting to post 'anonymously' (answering the "captcha" question) OR logged on under my ''Convince'' handle. What has generally happened is that after clicking on the Preview or Post/Submit button, nothing further happens for about a few minutes, the browser 'hangs' before getting a "service unavailable" response. This has occurred using either IE or Firefox browsers. Unfortunately, hitting the Back (left arrow) icon results in losing the text, notwithstanding Firefox's "Postdata" prompt AND temporarily permitting JavaScript.

Have also test-posted from a public terminal in a local library, and the same hanging non-response.
Yesterday's attempts from home look successful, though, based on your above report, I wouldn't have known it as (a) the perfunctory "service unavailable" response prevailed on two occasions, and the third coming up with:
"Fatal error: Call to undefined function: node_get_name() in /usr/www/users/annus/drop/sites/all/modules/akismet/akismet.module on line 396" and (b) as you mention, the postings were awaiting attention in the moderation queue.

In future I'll monitor the situation using refresh buttons and allowing extended periods in between posting attempts.

I would encourage anyone else experiencing similar hassles to report them to the ANN webmaster.





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