UFO spotters slam 'US cover-up'

Submitted by WantToKnow.info on Sat, 23/06/2007 - 18:04

The suitably sci-fi sounding Project Disclosure ... launched a campaign in Washington on Wednesday. It is aimed at persuading the US Congress to hold hearings on the existence of unidentified flying objects and extra-terrestrials. The campaign believes the US Government has known about the existence of UFOs for over 50 years but has been trying to hide it. It was surely the strangest ever news conference hosted by Washington's august National Press Club. Donna Hare was just one of over 20 witnesses, most of them ex-military, and all deadly serious. The brains behind Project Disclosure is country doctor turned ambassador to outer space Steven Greer. He says there are two reasons for the project: first, to persuade the US Government to reveal the astonishing planet-saving technology he says it has picked up from super-clever aliens, and second, to stop the Bush administration from annoying them by building weapons in space. Despite the impressive military credentials and undoubted sincerity of the witnesses, Congress is surely unlikely to move on their request for a hearing - unless a space ship lands on, or at least within sight of, Capitol Hill.

Note: Though BBC quotes one Army sergeant in this article, they fail to quote some of the many, credible higher ranking military officers and government officials who shared mind-boggling stories of personal experiences with a major government cover-up of UFOs. To watch a video of this highly revealing press conference, click here. For a reliable, verifiable two-page summary of the UFO cover-up, click here.



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