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300,000+NZ-Kids without their own Dad last night
is 300,000 TOOOO MANY
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Re-Building the FAMILY for the Kids to have BOTH Parents and their whole FAMILY

KICKING MP’s, Judiciary, Lawyers and Bureaucrats OUT of FAMILY and encouraging BOTH Parents and their FAMILY IN!!!
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• NZ- HandsOnEqualParent-NEWS

• April-07

• Sorry about the main website being a little fuzzy and sometimes not available in the last few weeks and of course for the delayed E-Mag – Major upgrade has happened and many NEW pages, items, pictures, stories etc

• Action AUCKLAND Weekend this weekend see
• **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** see Calendar/Planner below

• MARCH-07 – Just short of 400,000 hits for the sake of ALL Kids

• Come celebrate my 60th year in life (59Th B/Day), 12th year in Men and their FAMILIES work, last 7 full time when well enough, 10th year as an **Equal**Parent Sat 28th 1pm - See **Bacon Sandwiches** below 1pm most Saturdays

1. Front Page WELCOME- Updated
(LINK) or Go www.HandsOnEqualParent.org.nz

2. Poems by Parents - Updated
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/69741.html

3. Kiwi hour on Radio - **DADS on the Air** – OZY Sydney
Guests – Celia Lashley – Jim Bagnall – Jim Bailey
(LINK) or Go http://users.on.net/percusso/dota/Dads_on_the_Air_2007-04-17.mp3

4. Pictures – Updated - Many new Pictures
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/15261.html

5. NZ – Effective Blogs -/- E-Groups -/- Websites – Several New groups - Updated
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/87732.html

6. NZ – Movers and Shakers for **Equal** Parenting
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/85774.html

7. **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** -/- What is it? - Updated
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/41379/index.html

7B, **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** Calendar/Planner - Updated
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/41379/63610.html

8. NZ – Petitions – CIR is well over 150,000.
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/87741.html

8B, Other Petitions – Shame Parents who BLOCK the other Parent
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/75982.html

9. WINZ Advocacy – Be aware of Patricide - Update
Javan and my fight with WINZ for them to honour our FC-Ordered *Equal** Parenting
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/48597/12076.html

10. Bothered Stories - Updated
Have I got yours? Every time I get another 10 they go to the NZ-Families Commission and are followed up by our negotiating team lead by Dr. Viv Roberts.
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/38179/index.html

11. BOTHERED Videos - Updated
Many New – Have I got yours?
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/88425.html

12. Activism in New Zealand - Updated
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/12130.html

13. Guest BOOK have your say – Read the opposition to gain more insights
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/14648/index.html

14. BOOKS – Updated including Eve’s Bite – A New Book by Ian Wishart of Investigate MAG
Seductive – Deceptive & Dangerous – Deep inside many Churches and NZ-Government Celia Lashley’s **He’ll be OK** – Growing gorgeous BOYS
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/13449/68541.html

15, **Bacon Sandwiches** 1pm most Saturdays
(LINK) or Go http://www.handsonequalparent.org.nz/48597/12049.html

Onward in Coalition – Jim Bailey – JimBWarrior

Founder - www.HandsOnEqualParent.org.nz
Join our E-Group - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HandsOnEqualParent-News

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