Update - Perpetual Limited vs Fiona Cristian - Eureka Stockade Part 2

Submitted by Arthur Cristian on Sat, 20/01/2007 - 15:12

- by Arthur Cristian

As expected, arrogance, scorn, ridicule & derision was the tone of the day from the judge, the plaintiff's barrister & lawyer, leading to no stay being granted again. Justice McDougall did not disappoint me. He was full of his own glory or was it all just a front, shitting himself if he stuffed up.

The Judge was scripted.
No doubt about it.

Phil Atkinson & Mick Gallagher were there with Mick giving out Love For Life fliers in the packed court room while I was on stage with the judge. Phil says they were reading the fliers intently.

I told the judge that Supreme Court judges were arrogant, containing highly developed intellects that were very clever and crafty, determined to ignore truth & justice without any empathy, compassion or love for this nations citizens.

Said that Supreme Court Judges were not about justice & equity etc and were corrupt because they were protecting the banks at all cost, no matter what. That blackmail & inducements had occurred in our case. Pointed out a few times about the fraud being conducted by the bank and being condoned by the Supreme Court.

Very early in the hearing, the judge said I could be in contempt of court for saying judges were blatantly trying to tempt me with inducements and blackmail. I ignored it and throughout various points during the rest of the hearing, said far worse things than blackmail & inducements. He never again mentioned contempt of court.

He tried to frazzle me with NSW Law and the documents I filed in court, documents John Wilson took from the Law Library at Macquarie Uni of the latest Principles & Practise of the Supreme Court
a) judgements & orders
b) cross claims
c) stay of execution
d) stay of proceedings
e) Section 109 of the Australian Constitution

I read out highlighted points and the Judge kept saying is there anything else you want to bring up or say and I would stop for a half a minute or so to gather my thoughts before finding another point and then another and then another & read them out. He asked whether anything was different from the previous hearings (common law & court of appeal), where stays were rejected and I said yes. That I was looking at procedural issues here not evidentiary. My strength is in asking questions and pinning the judge down. Not great in arguing law. They must have done their homework on me after the least hearing with Beasley because when I started using questions I said that judges are not here to answer questions (he said something like this). This was when I felt everything was being scripted.

He went over the previous hearings with Justice Simpson, Justice Beasley & Justice Hidden & kept assuming everything was done by the law (not in these words but he was implying this). I pointed out that Registrar Howe dismissed the very first two Notice of Motions for the stay, when I argued to get before a duty judge and prove with the evidence at hand that fraud was being conducted by the bank and Howe just dismissed them. McDougal just went straight on to the next subject in mind but I went over & over a few more facts about Registrar Howe. This was when the arrogance toned down as he looked around the courtroom (particularly when I kept saying Fraud by bank & condoned by the court & a registrar stopping me from fighting our case). He was effected. Had a different look on his face. Talked about no reasons provided by Justice Hidden in his judgement but he ignored this as well.

After he dismissed the stay and was giving costs to the plaintiff, I just said something like, regardless of this arrogance and denial of the truth, the truth still exists and will one day come back to grab you and all other corrupt judges and have you all
fronted up and answerable to the citizens of this nation. That this predictable behaviour does not in any way cover up the truth because the truth does not run & hide & shines constantly like the sun. Said that he was just being a Magi. Said that if a jury of twelve were involved in this case, what decisions do you think they would be making, based on all the evidence? He did not answer this. Can't remember anything else for now.

Experiencing this arrogance today was like a huge wall of silence that completely blocks out the truth (the light) and I noticed, that for a few moments, I felt as if I was drifting in space (lost in space) with no reality-reference points to hold on to. I experienced this evil sensation long enough to feel the icy winds of evil blowing out of this judges mouth. Once I realised what was happening to me I immediately focused on his eyes through the rest of the hearing. He had a very strong glint in his eye. For most innocent victims having to deal with this darkness would be terrifying and overwhelming (dealing with a hard nosed Judge). Even though he kept glancing at me for a moment here and there he could no longer stare at me. I had him by then. Behind the arrogance, I could feel his world was stewing around and around. He was becoming uncomfortable. However he is very skilled in not showing what goes on within.

So, they are still coming after our Fiona's home shortly, regardless of justice, fairness etc. They do not give a stuff. They think they are beyond the reproach of all Terra Australis citizens now and they treat me with scorn, ridicule and arrogance. They just shit on you and let you know that you are their cattle, to do what they like with you.

Well, I came away from today's hearing with this terrible gut feeling that if we don't stop this arrogant psychotic disease from spreading any further (selling our nations water etc), it will come true in less than 3 years, where they will feel powerful & arrogant enough nationally and they, the dictatorship, will come after everyone and everything in Australia who is rebelling against them, and I mean everyone. They will clean up shop and start a new business with the microchip, before or after the chipping. All seceded principalities will be destroyed, houses burnt down, honour dishonour, redemption etc will offer no protection whatsoever against this ruthless arrogance. Whole families wiped out. You think.....NO....Not Australia, not in Australia. Well, I am the bearer of more news. We all purchased tickets to Disneyland through our birth certificates and most Australians have lifetime tickets in Disney, going from one ride to another, to another, to another.

While this disease thrives and grows anyone trying to hop outside of the system will need to get to Venus or Mars because there will be NOWHERE to hide on this planet, NOWHERE. This is not fear. This is Consequence. Many of us freedom committers will be jailed or murdered. What happened in Russia under Lenin & Stalin will happen here shortly. I felt this leaving the Supreme Court today and I trust these real-true feelings of mine coming through. Yes, this is a warning to all of you. It is on the cards BIG-TIME. They will get rid of everyone & everything that is a nuisance to them.

Without immunity, a disease continues on its destructive path until it completely claims the whole life. The Judaic Agenda
are within 5% of conducting genocide here in Australia and in many other parts of the world. However, if we stand up to these lost souls ASAP, this month/next month, united heart to mind, as a large force, we can drastically set back their time clock and finally defeat them. I now propose that our beach house be used as The Eureka Stockade Part 2. Fiona & I are
willing to stand up to these psychopaths and block the sheriffs and any large police force. Will you join us?

I dream of hundreds of Australians getting involved in early-mid Feb 2007. I need a large rotating force staying in the house, another rotating force delivering food supplies, another group involved in media, another group doing flier distributions, another with advertising/marketing wherever possible, another with producing & selling merchandise, another getting contributions-donations to fund the growth of this Love For Life Campaign and feed those in the house etc etc. While all this goes on I want to record music, get the music & film industry involved, get the booklet printed & distributed, and finally make our dream come create...A national, grass roots, love for life, freedom movement. But this can only happen as a team effort. I can't do this by myself.

Our freedom will not fall in our laps. We have to make our freedom happen through our love for life. This is not about politics, or constitution or religion etc. This is all about a love for life...a love for all of life......where every man and women takes care of every man and women and together we are the immunity that destroys darkness. If we can't get over our personal gripes and opinions, we stand no chance of defeating the beast of hell.

I apologise if this sounds bleak & horrible etc but I just can't lie about my true feelings.
What I felt was very real.

All the best
Arthur Cristian
Email: af at theelements.cc
Phone: 0418 203204
Update - Perpetual Limited vs Fiona Cristian - Eureka Stockade Part 2
Date: Yesterday 22:13:41
From: "Arthur Cristian" af at theelements.cc (Psychic Reign)
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Hi Everyone
Its very late, I'm very tired but the show must go on.
I write quickly then off to bed.



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