Update -Tony Rigg - 2nd Eureka Stockade

Submitted by Arthur Cristian on Wed, 14/02/2007 - 10:48

book 'The Eureka Stockade- by Arthur Cristian

Tony Rigg has agreed to be/live behind the barriers as of Tuesday morning 20th February 2007. In discussions with Tony, we now ask all victims of banisters since the 1970's to unite together in solidarity with us, as a show of strength and unity in support of the 2nd Eureka Stockade. For those who do not know about Tony's actions since the mid 1980's please go to this page for further information.

There is and has always been a divine influence that has meddled in the minds of the bank staff, the solicitors and the judiciary, leading to our court case and now the 2nd Eureka Stockade. The opportunity has been presented to us and we should grab it while we have got it and use it to force our story into main-stream. This coming together of all victims in the spirit of love-for-life is a healing and a stand for love-for-life. Alan Heart, a native American is compiling Australian victims of banks into a website and this is being listed in our website www.loveforlife.com.au shortly.

To add impetus and credibility to our court case, the coming together of victims (banks-law-political-crime syndicate), including the stories of those who have suicided along the way, will help to convince Australians of the real truth to our court case. To speed things up Alan seeks the urgent support of other web-developers to upload the many stories on to the internet this week. You can contact Alan at whiteaglesoaring at yahoo.com and cc your details to me as well with phone numbers so I can help coordinate and speed things up. For all victims, please forward your story or website links ASAP today.

We also require the urgent assistance in the making of very large banners detailing in very large print the website address

2nd Eureka Stockade


Love For Life

We will plaster the attached banners over the front of the house (see the size of front of house at www.theelements.cc) so that all camera crews will pick this up and convey the url to the people. The more victims (including victims at the hands of the law and politicians) & supporters who come to join Alan and I, the better. Please come and join us in the spirit of love for life.

If any of you have the time to make t-shirts of the above with big prints, please do so and others who would like to donate money to cover these costs, please do so as well. Having t-shirts on helps get the message across via the media to the Australian public.

It looks like the baby is coming today so I will be off line for some of today but you can ring my mobile if required
0418 203204.

We have written a booklet Corporation Australia that explains everything (who-what-when-where-why-how-mind body-material-spirit-life etc). It takes around 70 minutes to read. The booklet has become the manifesto of the Love For Life Campaign we have started and provides the source material for the Psychic Reign art-house concept we are working on, for all the contemporary music we now write and the concepts for film-video-dvd-documentaries-literature etc to inspire Australians into forming a new grass-roots freedom movement that will transform this country.

Corporation Australia is the inspiration; our answer, our response to all this corruption and Love for Life has become a lifetime commitment for us. Corporation Australia explains the how, the why and the what we can do to stop it happening to anyone else. It is written through feelings derived from intelligent life, hence the new paradigm.

Comments about Corporation Australia from professional people, friends and associates are "excellent", "fantastic", "brilliant", "moving", "inspiring", "beautiful", "hopeful", "courageous", "focused", "direction", a definitive work of the present human condition, and "this booklet will become The Manifesto for every Australian's shift in consciousness".

Can you please forward the News release through all sources possible ASAP today/tomorrow. For main stream (milder version) please use the Word Document - Press Release - 2nd Eureka Stockade For (in house) (hard edged version) please use the Word Doc - 2nd Eureka Stockade - John Pilger

We need all the help of Aboriginal groups we can find with our Love for Life campaign, as well as any other action groups that you might know like University Students etc.

We are also seeking a professional editor to help us bring together this new paradigm. If you know of anyone please let us know ASAP.

Any volunteers, supporters to help with marketing the press release or to stand up against the banks next Tuesday are most welcome.

House is located at 40 Warrain Crescent Currarong - Jervis Bay NSW - see house website www.theelements.cc

Please forward this email to everyone you know.

All the best
Fiona and Arthur Cristian
Mobile: 0418 203204
af at theelements.cc or action at loveforlife.com.au
Website www.loveforlife.com.au

Download these two files:

Corporation Australia 12th Feb 2007 4.00pm.pdf

Press Release - 2nd Eureka Stockade.pdf

Update -Tony Rigg - 2nd Eureka Stockade
Date: Today 07:58:13
From: "Arthur Cristian" af at theelements.cc (Psychic Reign)

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Driving instructions to the Fiona's home

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 15/02/2007 - 09:43.


1. Princess Hwy from Sutherland to Nowra via Berry or Gerringong-Geroa

2. After crossing the Shoalhaven River in Nowra, you turn left at the 2nd set of lights towards Terrara or Numbaa

3. 7 minutes or so on this road you will go around two very sharp bends & you then turn hard right on to Jindy Andy Lane

4. At end of Jindy Andy Lane you turn left towards Greenwell Point

5. Then after 1 minute or so you turn right towards Callala Bay-Culburra Beach

6. After 5 minutes or so turn right to Callala Bay-Currarong

7. At next T intersection you turn left to Currarong on Currarong Road

8. After 7 to 10 minutes you will come to the outskirts of Currarong & you will drive past the turn off to the right to the Point
Perpendicular Lighthouse with security guards/boom gates & you then turn left at the very next turn off on Nowra Road

9. At next turn off to the left, turn left into Worrigee Rd

10. At and of Worrigee (T intersection) turn right into Warrain Crescent & our Beach House is the 5th house from the corner
- big grey 2 storey timber house on the right with white architraves & red trim around the top of house.


1. Get to the Illawarra Hwy and drive through Kangaroo Valley and when you hit Bomaderry turn right on the Princess Hwy
and go over the Shoalhaven River and then follow the above instructions.


Drive through Ulladulla - St Georges Basin and then after the Jervis Bay turn off to the right to Huskisson/Vincentia you will
come to the Forest Road turn off to the right (well before South Nowra) and turn into Forest Road which eventually becomes Currarong Road (Same Road) and follow it all the way to the outskirts of Currarong and then follow the above instructions.

Nearest railway station is Bomaderry (30/35 minutes drive time from the house). There are no buses from Bomaderry to Currarong that I know of.

There is a few buses that go to Currarong from Nowra but they might be school buses. Please check with local bus companies in Nowra.

There are plenty of maps in our website www.theelements.cc go to Local Attractions or click on link below http://www.3053.worldstays.com/attractions.php

There are currently no phones on in the house.

All the best
Arthur Cristian
Email: af at theelements.cc
Phone: 0418 203204
Update - 2nd Eureka Stockade 20 Feb., 2007- Driving instructions to the Fiona's home
Date: Today 08:17:40
From: jhwilson at acay.com.au

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From: Arthur Cristian
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 9:51 PM
Subject: Update - 2nd Eureka Stockade - Driving instructions to the Fiona's home



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