US-Israel's brutal war backfires - Green Left Weekly #680, August 23, 2006

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After July 12, Israel launched several large-scale troop `incursions'
into Lebanon, leading to fierce fighting with well-entrenched Hezbollah
guerrillas in the area. Israel's aim was to use its ground forces and
the brutal bombing campaign of its air force to terrorise the
Lebanese nation into turning against Hezbollah. This has backfired.

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* ISRAEL: Victory deficit heralds political crisis
* Robert Fisk: How London's terror scare looks from Beirut
* BRITAIN: Terror alert boon for Blair, Bush

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AUSTRALIA: 'Electing the Labor Party is not enough'

``After 10 years of a right-wing government and extreme anti-worker laws
we are at an important juncture in history. The question for all of us
is, which way forward? On the one hand there's the proposition that we
just campaign to elect a federal Labor government, and that will
supposedly change the industrial relations laws. The other proposition
is that we need a multi-faceted campaign that includes industrial action
to force back the Howard government?s agenda.'' [Full article]


International News

# LEBANON: Bush, Israel -- the real terrorists
# How London's terror scare looks from Beirut
# ISRAEL: Victory deficit heralds political crisis
# BRITAIN: Terror alert boon for Blair, Bush
# IRAQ: Lebanon conflict threatens US-Shiite rift
# TAHITI: Temaru's support for independence upsets Paris
# VENEZUELA: Chavez's revolution in foreign policy
# UNITED STATES: Cuban Five ruling a "travesty of justice"
# VENEZUELA: Social programs mark milestones
# VENEZUELA: Coup plotters stage jail break
# SRI LANKA: Army massacres Tamil orphans
# CHINA: Carlyle takeover bid stirs new debate
# SINGAPORE: Protests against IMF banned


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In Brief

# MEXICO: Verdict on electoral fraud awaited
# MALAYSIA: Socialist party loses legal appeal
# PAKISTAN: Victory for textile workers
# JORDAN: Fox News producers resign over Lebanon coverage
# CHILE: BHP shuts mine, ends union talks

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# Editorial: We must take a stand
# Loose Cannons
# Write On: Letters to the Editor
# Our Common Cause: Sign up for Sam Watson
# Green Left Weekly's $250,000 Fighting Fund: 'Spending like there is no

Comment and Analysis

# Union leader: Electing the ALP is not enough
# Secrets and lies of the nuke industry
# Alliance calls for a nuke free Australia
# Global imbalances and financial volatility -- an explosive mix
# Refugee bill: why Howard backed down
# Students keep up the anti-war campaign
# Students call for end to Israeli aggression
# Setback for Howard's VSU at Sydney Uni
# 'Save the Loft' protest
# 'Swindling is what the major parties do best'
# Socialist candidates condemn 'anti-terror' laws
# 'US is responsible for Israel's war crimes'
# Israel must be brought to justice

Cultural Dissent

# Unspeak: Orwellianism in the 21st century
# A city and its people at war
# Music to survive a hurricane
# Plays attack war and terror laws

Australian News

# Jack Thomas verdict a setback for 'terror' laws
# Equal love rights protests a huge success
# Big crowd to hear Hicks' lawyer
# Amcor workers beat Howard and the bosses
# Mayors agree to Beattie's water plan
# Terror at Lancelin
# Taxi drivers revolt against unsafe job conditions
# Huge show of support for the 107
# Chile under Pinochet, or is this Australia?
# Universities: next battleground over Howard's IR laws?
# Parramatta Your Rights at Work group launched
# Hundreds salute Fidel
# Tamils protest schoolgirls' massacre
# Venezuelan revolutionary addresses union
# Sydney University pro-choice rally
# Council workers protest
# Gippsland TLC opposes channel dredging
# West Papuans hold flag-raising ceremony
# Safety faults at Kelley mansion

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