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Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 18/08/2007 - 14:53

Posted by: Charmayne Paul, admin@psitutor.org

Volunteer Position: Blog Technician

Child Safety is something I know and understand. Websites and blogs are things I am learning about…slowly! Imaginif requires a volunteer wordpress technician guru to join our team.
Spending my precious evening hours pouring over html books and tutorials is not my idea of fun. Spending my evenings pouring over books, journals and research about child safety, child protection, protective behaviours and child sexual abuse is what does it for me.

Can you help Imaginif solve the odd technical problem with our blog and forum set up? The current problems are small (I hope). Readers are having difficulty leaving comments on a particular post. I have no idea why. As much as I would like to have a single blog roll (alphabetised) I am too scared to remove code in case I remove the wrong tag and can’t put it back!
Now that the whole world knows how technically deficit I am, I beseech the committed child protection technically able amongst you to consider joining the voluntary team at Imaginif. The role will take the form of me emailing you when there is something beyond my capability of correcting, and you waving your brilliant knowledge and skill across the problem.
The advertising benefits to you during your duration as a voluntary tech include:

* Photo or Graphic on the About Us page including links back to your web pages and/or blogs.
* Link to your web page or blog on the Links page and in blogroll.
* Rotating banner display (must be supplied as ready).

Imaginif needs you. I am ready to receive your display of social responsibility. OR - please, can anyone help me?

Coordinator: Megan Bayliss, www.imaginif.com.au



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