What's Wrong with DoCS Workers?

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Sat, 07/07/2007 - 09:59

Welcome to all the CSO's and bureaucrats I have invited into this forum. Although you all remain Anonymous, confiscate with the first line of your post, our rights to discuss, muse and complain as citizens of Australia, you continue to tell us of all the wonderful things you do with your jobs. Things like going to the aid of children in REAL NEED and making things better for them.

Let's say - just hypothetically if that's at all possible for a CSO to do - imagine - you got it wrong. Everything was there - all the signs, everything was telling you this person/s has done this to this child.

Let's also assume the child is 4 and autistic. Oh-oh - we have a situation here. You may think the danger here is the child can't speak for himself... but no... the danger here is that the CSO is already CONVINCED (based on 'her emotional concept' which is also based on 'her life experiences') mixed with some knowledge of the Child Protection Act 1999.

The danger here is that with this preconceived idea, she is going to question the 3yr old that witnessed the accident - the question, undoubtedly would be.... "did mummy hurt .....?" The child, not wanting to lie, says "yes", because to her 2yrs of thinking... when something falls from somewhere that mummy moved, then mummy caused that to happen - so she did hurt him. The words "it was unavoidable, it was an accident, it could have happened to anyone, etc., etc.," will never be uttered from a 2-3yr old and so the answer "yes" suddenly becomes 'abuse'.

The family not only lose the child, but when the workers return with Police to gather ALL THE CHILDREN, some adult parents have 'conditions' - not just trauma, some suffer heart or kidney disease, diabetes, epilepsy. Such a visit and onslaught of such HORRIFYING news can bring on a heart attack, epileptic fit, or anxiety attack. Why, with all their experience, do the CSO's not have some idea of 'reactions' to their actions? I mean, everybody is aware of the 'Parking Inspector paranoia' - is there no psychological training into the trauma you are DEFINITELY causing the entire family including the children being removed. How on earth can this be taking the child' best interest at stake?

The story on this forum where the police escorted the CSO's (as usual because it's highly illegal what they are doing), when the father had an epileptic fit as he heard the news they were there to remove their children. The police pounced on him, kneed him in the guts and through him into the police van.


Hence - we will get this sorted in the same manner you get us sorted - by digging into our lives, pulling everything apart, tearing at the seams of a weak society created by this desperate attempt of Govt. workers NOT BEING WRONG.

It's OK - we forgive you - just go look into what we are saying, stop denying yourself the better future career you all have so much energy for. Use it in the right places and your Dept. will clean up - litterally and PROPERTY.

A 'filtering' process will need to be instilled several times before children can just be removed on a CSO's "feelings". Thereafter, even if she realises she was wrong, she has to keep face with all the colleagues involved now and continue the demise... until they themselves resign with the attitude they have been watching children being kidnapped for too many years.

Any CSO that does not believe the above comment, is welcome to email me with a request to meet with an ex-CSO officer to discuss their years with the DoCS.

Y'all have a nice day now, won't you???
BTW - my child spent the day in your offices last week bcos the foster family he lives with went on a day trip. Did he put that virus onto your PC's like I asked him to????

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Litigation Free

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Thu, 19/07/2007 - 08:55.

Thanks to the great and same advice above. We are currently experiencing great isolation between myself and my son. They only have very limited time to come up with something 'new'.

Hence they have arrived at my home with my son, to find I wasn't there. We had spoken and re-spoken and re-confirmed Tues & Thurs. I actually 'changed' to that to suit the (yet another) new CSO. Everybody else has lost interest in my child now and is concentrating on the hearing.

In the meantime, I have seen my son ONCE for half an hour and they have already told him the decision has been made and he will be staying where he is and visiting mum every couple of days. The next visit my son was telling my 'how it was going to be'.

I'm sure most other parents have experienced the immense pain and 'knowing what's going on' associated with this child's misbelief. He is being manipulated to the point he is certain mummy is now wrong and the Carer knows better.

This is called (Clinical Pscyhologist assured), PARENTAL ALIENTATION. It's also a common side effect to children caught between many Family separation issues.

Toni - you are correct at present, however, the whole reason for the Royal Commission Inquiry is to re-establish these Legislative Guidelines.

Hopefully we can all stay faithful and believe this is what's being currently questioned and made a point of, in the Royal Inquiry.

Legislation Lisa
Cairns - FNQ

RE: Litigtion free

Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Thu, 19/07/2007 - 11:52.

Hey Lisa,

Haven't a clue what you said I'm correct about, but I only go with what I know, which is always based on fact, and my ears are open to new rules and regulations.

Totally hear you on the information given to your son. I'm left wondering, even though foster carers are meant to know nothing about the family situation, WHAT they actually DO say to the children.

I had my 5 year old daughter say to me on Monday in her sing-song voice laced with sarcasm "Anyway, you couldn't look after me properly", while she was taking out her frustration at not be being able to see her father on me.

This isn't a comment a 5 year old can think up for themselves. It's come from somewhere.

It Comes from the Carers

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Thu, 19/07/2007 - 20:24.


I was saying you were right that the Legislation protects the CSO's - that's what we're going to change. In fact, I do believe their are a lot of people currently (and even in this Forum) suing the Department of Child Safety. The 'Department' can take the blame. The CSO's just have to say: "I did as I was instructed by my Team Leader". Team Leaders will have to watch out. Surprisingly as well, a lot of the CSO's hate the sandwich situation they find themselves in, knowing better themselves. Eventually, I guess, it just wears in and as they move up the line and become Team Leaders, Supervisors, they exercise the same rights - having had an identity crisis all the way.

DoCS workers would rather be known around 'Govt.' as bitches than not known at all! It's like the saying: "Doesn't matter whether it's good or bad - as long as they're talking about YOU".

With regards to your daughter - surely you know the Carers have been told much too much of the CSO's points of view. Your children, like all of our children, are in the middle of PARENTAL ALIENATION.

I will post something soon or send it as an email attach. for you to read up. You're going to realise you knew it all along, but being the honest, usual citizen we all are - you thought the Foster Carers were heavily trained.

HA HAHA HA HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! So did I - until I visited my son once he began talking.... then it was a whole new story.

That's not to say all Foster Carers are like this - but the DoCS 'attitude' sure does rub off. I cross-examined my son's carer in the witness box last week. She was very defensive, assuming, unqualified and, by the time I was finished with her.... IGNORED!!!!

Don't play the game back - it's much more damaging. Allow your children to like one parent/carer at a time. You will see - it will shift. Just keep the magic words coming at them when you can.

This is a most hurtful situation we all experience I am sure, each time we visit with our children.

My son is switching onto what they are up to though. Nothing makes sense - and he's a sensible boy!

Legislation Lisa
Cairns - FNQ

RE: It Comes from the Carers

Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Fri, 20/07/2007 - 09:51.


I had to laugh. I know damn well that it comes from the carers. I know that DoCS workers go to visit the children and it turns into coffee and cake sessions with the children's carers.

I've seen with my own eyes that even JAB officers are gossips as well. When my 14 year old daughter was assaulted by an ex-student at her school earlier this year, I had a JAB officer come to my home to interview my daughter because this other girl was well known to JAB and they were pressing charges against her. Anyway, the JAB officer was having a right old gossip about this girl and a lot of what she was telling me wasn't even any of my business.

It just goes back to the fact that human failings come into play. All a parent has to do is smile and be friendly and they can get a tonne of information.

I don't play any games with my daughters about their carers. I found that the carer has been playing a game with my daughters for the past 12 months and I am not about to buy into that. She can play her game, I'll just sit back, listen and take notes.

I was speaking to our CSO on Wednesday about what my daughter had said and she said that she had asked the carer about it and she said that the carer had denied that it came from her. I asked her about the relationship between my daughter and the carer and she said it was alright. She said that when she has been out there to see the girls, everything was happy and normal.

I laughed. I said to her "of course it was". I said that the last thing the carer is going to do is show her anything negative. I also said that they would have been on their best behaviour.


Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Fri, 20/07/2007 - 10:57.

Toni, do you have your 'story' in the Forum?

Where are you at? Are you actually doing anything about what these carers and CSO's are saying and manipulating your daughter? We all know that approaching the CSO's about an obvious problem to everybody else in the world, really gets us nowhere.

What I'm asking is... where do you go from here? I mean, you're obviously not happy with it and know what they're like - but what's actually 'happening' for you? Are you getting any results? What will you do now that you've mentioned 'Parental Alienation' to a CSO, they do nothing - where to next?

Legislation Lisa
Cairns - FNQ

RE: Toni

Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Fri, 20/07/2007 - 14:59.


Nope, my story isn't included in this Forum because it is so long that I haven't found a way to condense it and still inform everybody of exactly what has happened without losing the impact of the injustice.

Now that I have ironed out the bugs on the power4parents.org web site, I will be concentrating on writing my story in it's entirety and publishing it on the site. It will probably take a couple of weeks to get it all written. But it's definitely coming. It is on my "to do" list.

My case with DoCS is a rare one. I call it rare because I haven't come across anybody yet who has a similar situation.

DoCS are not doing anything with my case, to put it frankly. I don't know of any other parent whom DoCS is doing nothing with.

It has stagnated. There seems to be a "status quo" at this point in time. There may be movement at the station after August 17th, but I haven't a clue.

My husband's assault charge had a mention today. I haven't heard anything from the solicitors about the result of that as yet. They are likely still in court with other clients and not back at the office. It had a mention last Friday, but the police didn't' take the paperwork with them, so it was adjourned to today.

On August 17th my husband has a committal hearing for "attempting to pervert justice". If the solicitors can get the Magistrate to change the bail conditions that were set for my husband back in May, DoCS may start moving on with my case again.

There is no committal hearing date set for my husband in regard to the assault charge as yet. A date may have been set today, but I won't know until I can speak to the solicitors.

As my case is going nowhere, all I can deal with are things which concern me about my daughters being in foster care.

I have requested in writing that the CSO refer the SCAN decision not to allow my 5 year old daughter to see her father back to SCAN and I have given a copy of my letter to my solicitor.

My solicitor is in the process of writing a letter to the CSO about my concerns. This letter is somewhat delayed because over the past 2 days I have added other concerns to it. Hopefully the letter will be sent by Monday.

The CSO is meant to be working on a draft for a new Case Plan. I heard yesterday that it should be ready by the end of today. There will need to be a Family Group Meeting, but no date has been decided on as yet. I don't know when to expect to see the draft of the Case Plan.

DoCS do want to go back to court after August for a 12 month PSO on my 15 month old daughter (who lives at home). I have instructed my solicitor that I will not agree to it. The CSO is open to negotiation and wants to have a meeting about this. No date for the meeting has been set as yet. We will likely be going to court for this one, but that is still in the wings.

I found out yesterday from the CSO that it will be in the new Case Plan that my 7 year old daughter see an optometrist. I attempted to phone the CSO thismorning but had to leave a message. I have been trying since the end of last year to get my daughter's eyes tested. DoCS were satisfied because she had had her eyes "checked" by a school nurse. I am not satisfied and I am demanding an optometrist. Unfortunately with all the CSO changes, my requests have fallen through the cracks. But now I have grabbed it by the horns and I will bypass the CSO and make an appointment for my daughter with an optometrist myself .

I have been able to verify that my daughters are visited by the Community Visitor from the Commission for Children, Young People and Child Guardian, so that is something I put in place which has been happening.

I filed a complaint with the Queensland Ombudsman earlier this month and am awaiting a written response from them. They have not written to state they are unable to look into my complaint, so that is a positive thing.

I got hold of the CSO a short while ago and spoke to her about my 5 year old daughter telling me today that the new swear word she came up with during the visit today was something the carer says. I also requested that she remind the carer that appropriate language needs to be used around children, regardless of whom the carer is speaking to, and that the carer needs to make sure other children in the home are using appropriate language as well.

My solicitor is as sick as I am at the moment, so communication with her has been very limited due to days in and out of the office. Fortunately, I am keeping her up to date via email.

I am not exactly sure as yet what to do about the concerns I am having with the carer. I don't have serious concerns (like the carer smacking my child or that kind of thing), my concerns are based around my 5 year old daughter's language and the things she says. These things have only arisen in the past week, so in a way they are still "new". I am keeping my finger on the pulse and my ears open. I also have to pick my moments to ask my daughter questions about her language when she comes out with something rude as I am "banned" from asking my daughter "inappropriate questions".

Today was the first day she used the word "bullshit". I see her again on Monday and if she comes out with anything then, I will ring the CSO on Tuesday and ask her who the carer works for. Then that agency will get a letter of complaint which will also go to the CSO and my solicitor.

To DoCS Hints Above/Below....

Submitted by Legislation Lisa on Thu, 12/07/2007 - 11:12.

Rest assured that soon we will not be fighting these cases individually.

The CMC have accepted and appear to be going ahead with the investigation into DoCS. So hang in there everyone!

Thank you for your comments and encouragement.

Legislation Lisa
Cairns - FNQ

To lisa

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/07/2007 - 15:00.

Thanks for the info, I can't wait till the shit hits the fan, I will have to keep my eyes glues to this site and others as I don't get much time to watch TV or read the newspapers, so I don't want to miss anything.
DOCS CSO's are you reading this!! My only gripe with you is you lied when it was not needed, why did you have to tell a fat lie that caused all our problems.See DOCS workers your FAT lie was witnessed by two other professional people in the same room who sat next to my wife and listened to a conversation via an open speaker phone call from DOCS Ha Ha you've been had bitch.

some extra tips for dealing with DOCS

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/07/2007 - 09:34.

Dear Legislation Lisa
I wish I was not so surprised that the destruction of children specialists had lost your child.

I hope that you are advising all parents to be reading and thoroughly understanding the Children's Care and Protection Act.

I hope that you are advising all parents to make a comprehensive document detailing every failing you exhibit, and ofcourse to have this signed by a JP, in triplicate and sending one copy to your local member and putting one copy up on the net. Update these weekly so there is a clear trail of incompetence shown.

I hope that you are refraining from discussing your child over the phone with the said dept without another listening in to the call ready to make an affadavit of what they heard immediately after the phone call, and naturally get this signed by a JP also. As the said dept is very good at "misinterpreting your position or the facts generally and specifically".A friend with stenographer skills is ideal.

I hope that you are advising that any important document concerning the breaches by said department are going registered post, and contain the phrase that "I retain the right, and my child also retains the right to take further legal action in regards to myself and my child suffering any ill effects at all as a result of your treatment, whether that be physical, emotional, or psychological".

I wonder if there is any independent bulk billing psychiatrist in your area that is willing to detail the effects that dealing with the said department is causing upon your health psychologically speaking. At the very least these concerns need to be detailed by your GP should you have one that is trustworthy, and utterly independent of their grasp. Have no truck with the Mental Health serives as they regularly collude with each other.

One of the great tools that the depts use is isolation of said parent. Get along to your church, your political party, and engage as much as possible with activities and people in community service as the recommendations of these people are hard to discredit- although they will try.

I would avoid any contact with the dept without a witness, preferably someone from your church or political party etc.

Best of luck to you, and you have my full support in a national royal commission. I hope that you establish a website where the documents can be seen by all.

Child Protection Act 1999

Submitted by Toni Lancaster on Thu, 12/07/2007 - 14:15.


You said in your last post...

"I retain the right, and my child also retains the right to take further legal action in regards to myself and my child suffering any ill effects at all as a result of your treatment, whether that be physical, emotional, or psychological".

I don't know if you are aware, but the Child Protection Act 1999 makes CSOs free from litigation. It states it in the Act.

If parents were permitted to sue the backsides off CSOs, trust me, solicitors would be doing it every day of the week.



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