Where are your facts Warren Entsch?

Submitted by Webmaster on Wed, 27/04/2005 - 21:14

The assertions made by Warren Entsch on the Channel 9 Local News on Wednesday 27th April were clearly made before he had checked the facts.  Warren clearly implied that he the visual simulations of False Cape by Save Our Slopes were not accurate and were some kind of political stunt by the greenies.  This response from Warren Entsch proves why a web site such as FutureOfCairns is necessary.  This web site presents all of the information, ours and the developers, so that people make up there own minds, and do not have believe whatever Warren says.    The visual impressions on the leaflet are as accurate as we could possibly make them.  We believe that they set a new standard in accuracy and we have provided a detailed methodology on how we made those visual impressions.  Being extremely truthful is our main legal defence that we have against legal actions that are aimed at destroying us economically and professionally.  Running FutureOfCairns is very high risk for us and we hope that the people of Cairns support us.The data that we used to construct the visual impression was the data that the developer provided for public submissions, so it is the same data that the developer has and which their visual simulation was based on.   We used the very best modelling technology to create a 3d map over which we placed the developer’s plan.   Then we put a correctly scaled house in each position where the developer’s plan indicates a house.  Our methodology, which we provided to the developer's consultant was very systematic and robust.  A number of independent crosschecks where employed to ensure that the plans were as accurate as it is possible to make them with today’s technology.  Here are our visual simulations.The main potential argument between FutureOfCairns and those who oppose us is going to the colours that we used on the walls of the houses that we displayed.  Each of those houses displayed on the visual simulation is a real house in Cairns – if it is yours, please excuse us.  We also systematically photographed nearly every hillslope in Cairns to build a library of photos show the real results of previous developer’s efforts and council controls.  Did the developer’s consultants do that sort of homework before they made their visual simulation? (pdf 1 MB)   The house colours in the simulation were the houses colours in the original photographs.  We ensured that most of the houses had muted colours consistent with the councils Hillslope code. however as Cairns residents know, there is always someone who paints their hillside house a bright colour and gets away with it, so the simulation contains a couple of those.  We encourage you to download and look at the original data files that we have provided for you.  We are more than happy face any trial with regard to the accuracy of our product.We also reviewed the developer’s visual impression and found a number of serious inaccuracies, which we have put in writing.  Where is the developer’s consultant’s response to our critique?  We have been waiting since the end of January.   We challenge the developer to provide us with a reference area that has already been developed that shows how a similar subdivision can have a low level of impacts.  If he can, we will put the photos on our website,say sorry and quietly go away.    Warren, what evidence do you have that our visual simulation is in error, please tell us why so that we can respond.  We have gone to great lengths to ensure that these simulations will stand up to professional scrutiny.  Very few big trees will remain to hide the houses on those tiny allotments.  Please explain why those houses will not be an eyesore when the afternoon sunlight falls squarely on all those fashionably painted walls, just as the reef fleet is coming home.  A carton a beer to you, if you even come close to a convincing response.   We look forward to your earliest reply.  Leave you comments here.The EditorFutureOfCairns.



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