Why did the council close its doors?

Submitted by Webmaster on Wed, 27/04/2005 - 19:05

We can’t read the councils minds, however before they closed their doors, there was a paper trail that provided insights in how this council operates.   Two key documents of council origin were included in the Save Our Slopes submission that went to the Dept. of Environment in Canberra.  These include the agenda for the council meeting and the approval for development.  The agenda shows clearly that the council were made aware of the high level of visual impacts associated with the proposed development and the low degree to which environmental concerns had been addressed by the development proposal.  The development approval clearly shows how some very important development conditions were removed to allow this particular project to proceed.    In the approval, please note the following conditions.  1a. – minimum lot size removed, 1e. deleted - this appears to remove requirement to better address environmental issues.  14a. removes the requirement to ensure that each and every residential lot is suitable for a residential purpose.  Note also, the crossing out of the requirements to demonstrate safe and practical access to each allotment.  Overly steep driveways are dangerous.Sometimes the council’s doors can be opened using Freedom of Information laws.  Here is some information that demonstrates that Council are aware that tree protection is virtually impossible on small allotments such as those proposed at False Cape.  I fear that in the future, we may have even less access to council documents than we have now. Original documents - they are big, fat and slow to download, however that is how we get them.  Please wait the few minutes it takes to get them as they are worth reading (the first page will display, but the other pages take longer).Council agenda (pdf version1.5 MB)Development approval (pdf version 1.3 MB)Freedom of Information document (pdf version 430 KB) - the development conditions in this document are very similar to the development conditions in the False Cape approval.  This document shows that council knows those conditions do not work and this internal document strongly recommends not using those conditions in the future for that reason. 



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