Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/02/2007 - 22:51

We all know that there is a major disastrous situation within the corrupt Department of Child Safety.
What I do not understand is how this can continue, surely there must employees of this regime who realise this, and have a conscience. Because if they are genuine about saving and protecting children they would come clean and expose the scandalous outright dirty tactics that these spiteful vindictive women inflict upon decent loving families, who at the end of the day, they know deep down have done nothing wrong but don't want to admit they stuffed up.
So it becomes all about cover each others footsteps even with the helping hand of corrupt police officers if need be.
Don't be fooled this department works hand in hand with the police.
Well Peter Beattie time to protect the citizens of your state dismantle this department sack all of the workers got the CMC to do a report on how to rebuild with all intention of stopping future corruption, make employees accountable for failures and outright fabrication, assemble an independent authority to watch over these predators who are stealing our children so unjustly.
Please allow them to be exposed to the full extent of the law because they are breaking all their own rules.
From a voter

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where to go ...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/05/2007 - 08:01.

In Queensland, Commission for Youth and Children are a persecuted parents friend - they are legitimately empowered to oversee a very large portion of what EVERY DoC Department does and the officers.

The QLD Crimes and Misconduct Commission has a website that pesecuted parents should study and see if they fit the very loose criteria needed to have an assessment made. The CMC has three options:

To do nothing [which isn't 'common']
To refer to the Departments Internal Affairs and demand a response on investigation
To take on the investigation themselves.

The more parents from one area telling the same tales of woe about the same small cartel of ignorant or legally illiterate officers, the more chance of having the entire Department investigated by SOMEONE ...

Parents have to understand that the only place 'change comes from' is the grassroots who are fighting for their babies and the future for their own grandkids in many instances - change never comes from the Suits and the Dogs of Corruption - they want it 'easier' not 'harder' even if it means walking over civil rights. Even if it means 'destroying families' and even if it means dividing an otherwise functional family solely to prove a dysfunction that wasn't there until that family was assault by what seems to be untouchables...

They are most certainly touchable, corruptable and jailable... IF THE PEOPLE STOP COMPLYING WITH LIARS, UNIFY AND THEN DENY these Dogs the luxury of mental and emotional terrorism over parents by standing up to them and FORCING them to justify their accusations in a Court of Law by PROSECUTING THE TRUTH...

90% of the Child Safety's 'cases' are 'won' simply by bullying parents into agreeing they must of done something wrong in the departments view...


When the People fight back, Justice will be served.

A self representing parent that took them on and won - when everyone said it couldn't be done.

Dont comply

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 18/05/2007 - 08:04.

This is so true, as we have just done this in part.
We argued, bargained and sold our soul to the devils for a better deal that was on offer, against all better judgement , but it was the children here who were levied as pawns and we couldn't handle seeing them suffer any longer.
Its still heart breaking and soul destroying to have anything to do with this department but now for a complete turn around they are crawling up our arse and it is sickening.
So in hindsight maybe it would have been better to keep fighting, but like I said before its for the children, they come first.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 29/04/2007 - 17:27.

Yer, why does the government choose to ignore this and by the number of complaints I am reading there truly does seem to be a need for for some sort of intervention.
Why can this continue to operate in its current state.

Government Corruption

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 23/03/2007 - 23:19.

Yes we all know it exists, but be real, do you really thunk by telling your story, no matter how true will make a difference, the rot is so far decayed you will never preserve the wood!
You will have to demolish and rebuild but we all know that wont happen.
This sucks but this is how it really works, so people good luck!
This department has a 95% failure rate yet it is still here with angry old scornful and some young naive bitches, there is no other words so face the facts!
Dismantle sack and rebuild, but that's only a false hope!
DOCS society's tooth decay


Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 28/02/2007 - 21:54.

This story is disgusting. I myself had dealings 10 years ago when my ex-wife took up with a man who sexually abused my then 3 year old daughter.

I was granted protective custody of my children, then aged 3 and 2, and it was only when my ex-wife falsely told the courts that her boyfriend and her had broken up while the court was in recess for lunch that she was granted access for 3 nights per week. (My ex and her boyfriend were very happy together in the morning, and her boyfriend told my ex-wife's barrister that by midnight my mother and I would be dead. Shortly before lunch the barrister openly declared to the court, in my presence, that the death threats had been made. Court was adjurned for lunch, and an hour later resumed and the court was told that my ex and her boyfriend had broken up over lunch.

The judge declaired he had seen the couple getting into the elevator together and they seemed happy. He reluctantly granted my ex-wife 3 nights per week access on the grounds that the boyfriend would not be within 5 kms of the home where my children would be visiting, and that my ex-wife's mother would drop in occasionally to make sure that the boyfriend was nowhere in sight.

They had remained in a relationship and 7 weeks later my 3 year old daughter came home from their mother's house with a long, straight, thin bruise on her hip. When asked what happened she said the boyfriend hit her with a stick.

They have never had overnight access with their mother since, and it is now 6 years since she has even written to my children.

It was this part in the story in question that made me write...

[quote]However, Justice Carmody did make custody conditional upon the mother not living with the boyfriend, allowing him to stay overnight when the boy was home, or leaving him alone with the boy.[/quote]

Now, my question to the DoCS is this... "How can you be sure that this boyfriend is not at the home when the boy is? How can you protect the safety of the child when the mother will obviously want to continue to see the man, take his side, etc?"... You can't!

Might I remind you of the story of the young boy who was supposedly on your watch list for displaying several cigarette burns, broken bones, black eyes, and other wounds, then you kept returning him to the mother DESPITE the injuries taking place at the hands of the mother's boyfriend, and eventually he was murdered by the mother's boyfriend? THIS case took place around 1995 from memory (if anybody remembers the name of that boy please remind me. I keep thinking it was Jaden Leskie, but I think that was another case)


Stuff the lot of them

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 02/02/2007 - 14:52.

I have spent the last 5 months trying to convince family and friends about what the Department of Child Safety has done to our family, and I must have printed out over 100 pages of hate messages from others from this site and others that have been affected by DOCS and guess what the answer is?.
(From my family and friends)Is it possible they behave this way? your sure you are not exaggerating because I cannot believe a Government department can behave this way, are you sure you aren\'t stretching the truth?. Well with answers like this and with most of the population with their heads buried in the sand you can see my frustration and others that are in a similiar boat.
I did read somewhere on this site that someone said that one day they will get enough rope and they will all hang themselves, Well I\'m waiting and so is my family because I certainly will stick the boot in when they\'re down.
One major stuff up by DOCS that attracts media attention thats what myself and others are waiting for and I will get my steelcap boots out of the cupboard and use them.

It Gets Worse

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 03/02/2007 - 16:55.

On the rare occassion that Child Safety statutory authorities don't stuff up, we have the Family Court to inflict immeasurable trauma on children. Australia is one of the few countries in the world that have had their Family Court Judges trained in unfounded pro-paedophilic theory as though it is the truth. In 2002 all Family Court Judges were trained in a theory created by a American paedophile who felt that sorry for the modern day paedophile, saying they do not have the acceptance that other paedophiles have enjoyed throughout history - and there is a little bit of paedophilia in all of us. Yes, this is the training our Family Court Judges receive - and that they diligently apply without question. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,20867,21161606-2702,00.html
Justice Carmody pro-paedophilic stance is no different to any other Family Court Judge I'm aware of.
Regarding the corruption in Child Safety, every bureaucracy - whether it be public or private (corporations) is corrupt and has the priority of self-protection and cover up is rated far above it's core business. Bureaucracy is the most unaccountable and ineffective system of organising labour. True change can only happen at the community level and that is why I was so distressed by the predicament faced by the author of the main story - who has experienced significant "disbelief from family and friends" about indisputable facts. The very people who have the power to assist this family to overcome the trauma inflicted on them by a faceless team of well-paid, well-protected psychopaths, have turned their backs on this family.
I think it may be time for the author to befriend the growing amount of people who are saying "no more" to bureaucratic-inflicted abuse and court ordered abuse, than to continue to be told told black is white by gutless members of the community who allow governmental abusers to continue without accountability.

i just made a comment about t

Submitted by davistown on Tue, 06/02/2007 - 05:05.

i just made a comment about this story saying that DoCS had remained hidden in the story. just writing to say i miss read the story. I want it know what i write on this site is fact and if i make a misstake i will openly declare i made a misstake and correct it. The story in fact says that states version of child services is also concerned about the child and is investigating and trying to track the child.
but i have a few questions
1. why is DoCS having to track the child sureley the parents address would be registered with the Court seen the child is not to be left with its mothers partner
2. being a service for child safety surely child safety unit would be given the address to check in on the child.
3. if they know where the child is and just investigating why the need for an investigation. why not just rip the child off the parents after all they have done that to 100;s of children already so whats different about this one except the partner is a record holding pedaphile.
For any raving lunatic DoCS workers who read this before u reply shut your mouth and think abuot it. If you came accross this you know you would be expected to take the child out of those circumstances so dont bother trying to defend the decision, This case hasnt been overnight so why is it that DoCS wasnt involved untill the end. Well u might notice something interesting. The child services unit getting involved is in WA where the child is being taken to while the child was taken from Tasmania and the court session held in Victoria. So why didnt the child services in Victoria step in seen as the case was in their state, no matter where the child from in australia they the same department. Also we dont read of the child services in Tasmania. Why didnt they step in seen the child came from their state why are they so quiet.
As it so often is ur actions speak louder the words. And tasmania and victorian child services their actions have spoken loudly saying Pedaphiles if you want children you may have them. just date a single mum who has been in jail.
In western NSW the people had the right idea for a pedaphile. he was given a short sentence so his house in the town burnt down (purely coincidental) and when the town saw it burning that sat round it and had a party. Police said they would arrest who ever lit the fire but no evidence could be found to who lit it. their was much debate to how illegal it was to burn the mans house but that town had no choice. i am NOT suggesting we go burn down DoCS buildings but in that case the victim felt threatened as she knew the pedaphile would move bak in 5 years when released as thats what he was sentenced to: 10 years jail with 5 years if he be's good.
everyone has a breaking limit where they snap. and i know it is coming to snapping point. even the most bendible thing will snap when bent or stretched far enough. Well australians are a giant spring and DoCS is winding it up and laws of physics apply to everything which is obvious in the present days that soon the australian people will snap and it will be DoCS who gets hurt and it will be about time.

i have known about this story

Submitted by davistown on Tue, 06/02/2007 - 04:33.

i have known about this story for a few weeks now. i noticed the story doesnt mention DoCS. they pretty clever arnt they at covering up their crap even when it so obvious they manage to get the names ommitted. GRRRR it says the pedaphile boyfriends name was sensored for his protection but i was told what his name was a few weeks back but it slips my mind atm but when i remember i will add it if anyone interested

to it gets worse

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 03/02/2007 - 23:01.

Are you are asking me to contact you? If so, that would be good. The more people we can get to expose this catastrophe the better.
Please leave an email and I will be in touch. If not just let me know and i will give you some contact details as i have nothing to hide.



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