Wishing you all a prosperous and healthful 2007

Submitted by Webmaster on Fri, 29/12/2006 - 11:54

This e-mail is from Clemens Vermeulen who has been looking after your domain name(s) and your web and e-mail hosting for a long time. Since 1995 for some in fact.

Allow me to wish you a very prosperous and especially healthful 2007

I advise there are some changes to my business affairs that may affect you:

I will always be grateful to Henk and Tanja Fredriksz for helping to keep my business on track from 2003 when I became seriously ill and also had to care for my wife of 38 years who succumbed to severe breast cancer in 2004.

Later however, it became increasingly difficult for me to continue working with the Henk Fredriksz. I have therefore now severed all ties with Henk Fredriksz and ANN Web Design and Hosting.

Unfortunately, due to some legal technicality, Mr Fredriksz has managed to leave me with virtually NOTHING... :-(

But, as the saying goes, you cannot keep a good man down for long: if you would confirm that you wish for me to continue looking after your domain name registrations and web and e-mail hosting, I will be your man as always.

I have now formed an alliance with an old friend in Ipswich and I am ready to offer some super deals with the legendary service and support you are accustomed to from me.

Should you wish to switch your domain name registrations and web hosting back to me now, I would honour any registration or hosting term you may have pre-paid to ANN Web Design and Hosting for up to 12 months. (conditions apply)

I have some exciting new products and services to offer too that perfectly complement the business we have been doing for so many years.

Call me NOW on one of the convenient telephone numbers below to see again how easy it is to get service from me... :-)

Thank you for your interest.

I look forward to your calls and your replies,

Clemens Vermeulen
web: http://clemens.vermeulen.id.au/
e-mail: clemens (at) vermeulen.id.au
contact: http://clemens.vermeulen.id.au/contact

Offices in:
Cairns: +61 7 4015 1940
Brisbane: +61 7 3305 0190
Sydney: +61 2 9028 7005
Melbourne: +61 3 9015 7225

Toll free: 138813 1 61733050190#

Fax: +61 7 33011853

SIP: +899 060 3305 0190
SIP: 33050190 (at) oztralia.com
mobile: +61 4 1900 6050

Live Tech Support:
Live How To Support through your favourite Internet Messenger:
ICQ: 265476993
MSN: support (at) altnews.com.au
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Wishing you all a prosperous and healthful 2007

Submitted by Editor on Thu, 04/01/2007 - 16:43.

As the editor of altnews I wish everybody a happy and prosperous 2007

I would point out the following:

1. Advertising in blog's is not permitted
2. Slandering our sponsor ANN Web Design and Hosting is not acceptable and I thank them for all Internet serves they provided free of charge over the many years.
3. Unauthorized activities that affect both the smooth running of customer sites of other businesses and Altnews is illegal.
4. Opening up new hosting services and having the host provider send the bill to Alternative News Network when you, Clemens, have not the means to pay the cost is illegal.
5. Claiming equipment you do not own is illegal also.
6. Stating on the bottom of your emails that you have offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne is untrue because there are no offices not even a PO BOX ... only phone numbers on redirect. This is misleading current and potential customers.

7. As I have sighted the Sales Contract of Alternative New Network to Tanja Fredriksz The statement made at that Henk and Tanja Fredriksz has been “helping’ you is a deliberate and falls statement.

8. Currently I am looking at other miss-representations and any inappropriate behavior and or conduct where the name of Alternative News Network and Altnews is used.

9. If this response would be deleted and or censored in any way I will seek any avenue open to me to report this censorship/tempering




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